$2.5 per 1000 stitches. No extra charge for rush jobs

22 experienced digitizers, can complete about 300 tapes per day.

24 HR Turnaround Always

Maximum pricing is $130

Free Quote, Format conversion and most of Editing.

All designs are sewn and tested before delivery.

All embroidery machine formats available.

Easy Payment Method.

We accept all major
as follow payments

American Express

You can pay by creditcard via
at no extra cost.

To pay by bank wire
payment,please contact us.


You may choose between paying by the stitch or paying a flat fee based on overall stitch count. We will bill you accordingly.

Digitizing Price Information

. We charge US$2.5 per 1,000 stitches
. No minimum charge
. Maximum Charge US$130.00
. Free quotes
. Free format conversions
. Free editing in most, if not all cases, until you are satisfied

customer Special price: $2.0/1000stitch,You should transfer us $3,000 as down payment at first, then you will be VIP customer. After we finished $3,000 of digitizing for you, then you will down pay us other $3,000



Currently , We do our best to make each design perfect before sending it to you. However, the reality is that a small percentage of designs may have a flaw, or you may decide that you need a small change made to the design. For simple edit , like remove some text, enlarge or decrease size a bit , we won't charge ,

For more complicated edit, like add some text , enlarge or decrease size which is far from original size ,which will cause more complicated work, we charge $1/1kst ,

For the most complicated edits, like replacing parts of a design, or if there are new parts to be added to the design, we charge $2.5/1K but for only the newly edited or added parts

Vector Artwork Services

? Free Quotes
? High Quality
? Quick Turnaround
? Pricing:
$15 - Flat Rate for most files to be converted.
$20-30 - a) If artwork is complicated with imperfections such as blurriness.
b) If artwork requires Layout changes, such as, moving objects or changing text.
c) Extremely complicated artwork requiring more than 3 hours.

Image Editing

? $15 per hour



  • Our Mission
    To be the world's best and fastest embroidery digitizing company with a very affordable price.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    All we do revolves around the needs, interests, and desires of our customers. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Technology
    Creating high-value designs and services with the best technology available.




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